My problem with the month of May is this: it’s always bland. After a month packed with flowers, poetry, and tenderness, May just emerges plainly, and no matter what I try to do, my days would either go wrong or feel weird. To challenge myself, I chose not to blog for a month (excluding this post because I have to post this). I did not realize how addicted to writing I was, as I was itching every passing hour to blog.

Listening to Öle Öle by Hera feat. Ozan Doğulu + Aşkın Adı by Hakan Kahraman feat. Yusuf Güney

Drinking caramel macchiato

Eating cheese sandwiches

Wearing a navy v-neck shirt and jeans

Reading collections of lullabies and poems of the sea

Challenging myself to take a video clip of every day for a month

Also challenging myself not to blog

Compiling weekly montages

Falling back to the habit of art journaling

Feeling exceptionally resilient

Also feeling sluggish

Ticking off the last goal on my spring list

Starting the month of Ramadan with much hope

Missing the blogosphere

Anticipating stability


Your name

Two syllables form your name, but I wish you could see the way it travels gracefully from their mouths to my eager ears. So simple a term quickens the heartbeats. A few letters yet the waves and tempests they spin. A name that plants—in place of numbness—seeds of emotion. You know, when I started cherishing the trivial quirks of yours like the way you sleep diagonally or the way you dance when the food is delicious, I realized that anything you do, I find charming…. Everything. I rarely feel this way about anyone else.