I shan’t let words slip to confess,

But aren’t the stars in my eyes enough a clue?

For once, I crave white on my dress,

I would do anything for a bridegroom like you,

But I shan’t let my feelings undress,

When your sentiments are for someone else due.



April is very dear to my heart, as it is my birthday month. Although it takes place only five days in, I consider the whole month as a festive season for poetry and flowers. I’ve been pushing hard to write a poem every day during April, making this the second year I participate in National Poetry Month. Eighteen days in, I was really starting to get burned out and frustrated because I began to run out of words and patience. But ultimately, when the month will end, I know that I’ll miss April and its poetry.

Listening to Roman by Edis + Farkımız Var by Hadise

Reading a book from 1967

Eating an indecent amount of cake and ice cream

Drinking tall lattes

Participating in national poetry month

Getting back to the habit of writing every day

Indulging in picnics and coffee dates

Playing with my new (but old) Sony Walkman

Ticking off goals from my spring checklist

Slowly but surely getting stripped off my spring colors too soon

But trying to reinvigorate nonetheless

Wearing black nail polish

Pushing myself to gain some weight

Feeling frustrated and out of place

Craving a new adventure

Also craving a visit to a floral cafe


My muse, I urge for you the way my city aches for November to weep rain on its athirst sands. Dandle me the way Dubai’s autumnal clouds of white and blush rush to indulge in each other’s company. Serenade my heart with your artistic strokes against the blues. You know how quick I weaken over intensely-hued skies, how easily sated this brittle thing beating behind my ribcage. Darling, I will be your sun but reliant on your azure blanket to lessen my raging reds. My poetic eyes only implore your blushing skies to extend their visit. I need you for my poetry.