Without referring to my Currently post of last June, I can recall that I called it bittersweet and I gave it a taste of “salted caramel,” to describe it. I can say this June has been quite similar in the sense of having good days with a hint of uncertainty and boredom. Except this year, instead of drooling over ice cream cookie sandwiches, I’ve got my heart desirably craving chocolate custard-filled doughnuts.

Drinking Costa’s caramel lattes

Listening to Tebessem by Mesut Kurtis + Edhak by Humood Al Khudher

Obsessing over custard-filled doughtnuts

Feeling extremely uninspired and unproductive

Wearing a black tee tied in a knot and an Aztec-printed skirt

Eating everything, literally everything

Craving all the desserts 24/7 (the sweet tooth only peeks in Ramadan)

Watching Youtube religiously, especially drama-related content

Losing and gaining weight

Failing to properly utilize my time & tick off things from my to-do list

Starting the third bullet journal of the year

Slightly missing morning coffee

Embracing nightly adventures (usually not a fan)

Squeezing a 20-minute workout in my daily routine

Anticipating Eid festivities


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