Aydin ve Elmas

Aydin and Elmas were not supposed to fall in love; but they did.

The summer skies were painted royal blue with hints of pink, as flocks of gray imperial eagles were migrating west toward the seaports. The calendar has just marked the commencement of the highly-anticipated June, the month where both Aydin and Elmas were parting ways from their shared classrooms to embrace the warm breezes of İzmir.


After a stressful semester, it was finally summer. Aydin was eagerly waiting outside the classroom, while Elmas was still answering the last multiple-choice questions on her macroeconomics exam.


A droplet of sweat accompanied the man who was holding in a sweet declaration, and his heart beats were dancing to the rhythm of his timid emotions. “En sonunda yaz,” he sighed.


Merhaba! I didn’t know you were going to wait on me,” Elmas said, surprised, as she exited the door.

Evet… I want to tell you something, but not here.”


And he unhesitantly held her hand and rushed her outside the campus.

Elveda Yaşar University! I will not miss you,” Elmas yelled as they were running toward the courtyard.


Breathless, he gently held both of her hands as he was gasping for air, rubbing his thumbs against her bulgy veins. “Ne Aydin? Lütfen bana söyle. I am freaking out here.” As he was intensely gazing into the depth of her hazel eyes, an ounce of doubt crept into his mind; he thought to himself: this will definitely ruin our friendship.


“Aydin. Ne haber?”

Words were suddenly too heavy on his tongue, and he could not think straight. What to say now… what to say…


The atmosphere hushed to listen meticulously, and suddenly, it felt like they were the only students on Üniversite Street.


Canım, I just wanted to say that I am grateful that you are my best friend.”


Evet sadece.”


The unexpected answer caused Elmas’s heart to abruptly fall into her stomach, and her face oozed pale blue expressions.


It’s just that….” she broke off the eye contact to rearrange her thoughts… “Uhhh, I hoped you were going to say something else?”

She pinched her eyebrows, tilted her head, and looked up at him with eyes that were congested with feelings.


You thought I was going to say that I love you? Because I was going to. Elmas, seni çok çok ço….” Elmas interrupted his treasured admission to plant a kiss on his cheek, and instantaneously, a smile unfurled on his blushing face.


Ben de,” she innocently said, fighting back the apparent flushed smile.

I love this moment,” Aydin said after a short moment of silence.


They walked together, fingers intertwined, swaying their hands back and forth like they were kids in kindergarten who had just learned the art of holding hands. He looked at her with a smirk and gradually started singing: “sevgilim hazır, düşlerim hazır… (My lover is ready, my dream is ready)”


“….Aşk vızır vızır, kamera, kamera (the love is rattling, camera, camera)”


And their chuckles were louder than the honks and whistles of cars during rush hour.


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