How observation fuels my writing

When I hit the publish on my last post, I came to realize that the majority of my writings revolve around observing others: their verbal and nonverbal. That poem was based entirely on a Youtuber I’ve been binge-watching for a few days straight, and I didn’t realize how much influenced and inspired I was by him until this very moment.


Being a visual person, staring into the void does not help me come up with anything at all; I have to study someone diligently in order to forge a piece out of their words and actions. At times it takes one 4-minute music video to write a poem, and at times it takes weeks and weeks of studying a stranger in person.


So you could say I somewhat use people for what they offer. How else will I describe personalities so accurately?


The core of this discovery is basically: look for inspiration wherever you go. Study a Youtuber’s personality or watch a stranger closely. Hop on Pinterest and look for photographs with depth; let the image speak to you. Watch a movie or take a hike and jot down what you see.


View this world observantly.



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