Went to an interview to talk about myself, only for the interviewer to talk about me

I was called in for an interview by a well-known private company recently. I was sent a list of possible questions that I was expected to answer; I read them and didn’t rehearse any answers. I don’t like perfect, staged answers. I’d rather stutter to answer than be perfectly unauthentic, if that makes any sense?


So I hop in the elevator with my access card, and I hit the 18th floor button. I’m feeling that normal surge of nervousness with a dash of excitement. Getting the job or not was not the reason for that feeling; I just adored the idea of being in a professional setting, treading hallways independently, with dreams buzzing in my head.


I had waited a good 50 minutes before I was called in, and I was already holding their tardiness against them, until the interviewers charmingly said: sorry we kept you waiting. Dang it, I’m a sucker for politeness. You’re excused!


I sit facing a gentleman and a woman, who seem to be of the same origin. Their smiles lessened my nervousness, and then came that plot twist that astounded me.


As the blog title said it: I came in to talk about myself, only for the interviewer to talk about …… me? Wait what? He was sitting right across from me, and I am pretty sure I had my mouth open throughout the entire time he spoke. I didn’t understand it….


It was 10 minutes of him praising me, and from what I learned, he actually asked the staff in my work placement about me. It was a praise after the other, from what he read on my CV to my “true calling” and my area of expertise. I almost didn’t know if I should nod and hear him out, or interrupt him with thank-yous.


What was happening? I was truly taken aback in the happiest sense. It was one of the BEST interviews I’ve ever had, and I barely had to put myself out there. He did all the talking?


Kindness was emitting from his speech, and I am not saying that because he praised me in that interview. He was a true gentleman; he even held the door for me as I was exiting the meeting room.


“You seem like the kind of person who’d have 60k followers on Instagram.”

“Marketing is your thing. It’s obvious.”

“You’re focused. You’re driven.”

“You know what you want.”

“I can see you as a content writer.”

“You’ve done an amazing job at your internship.”

“The people at ______ said great things about you.”


And those are only some of the lines that I recall. The interview took place a few weeks ago.


I left the place with a heart bursting with happiness, after I’ve had one of the worst months of my entire life. I didn’t care for what happens next, nor am I the person who fuels on compliments (but when is that a bad thing, really), but that man saw things in me that I didn’t see in myself.


I am so hypercritical toward myself, and I feel that I haven’t achieved much in life. But to be viewed from his highly-optimistic, lifting-others-up aspect was so heart warming that to this day, I smile to that memory.


The denouement of this story? No, I didn’t get the job. I actually didn’t get a yes or a no, but I considered that a silent “no.” Did it matter? Absolutely not! That day was so crucial to my health and wellbeing, and it was easily one of my favorite memories of 2017.


As egotistical as it may sound, I highly needed to hear all of that because let’s be real, those words were not going to come from my mouth.



September started off colorfully; it almost felt like spring was hiding in the bushes. My springtime routine found its way back to my life, and I was flipping through poetry books, taking photos, and treading the pathways of a plants nursery. A few days in, I found myself too weary, avoiding both my desk and my reading nook. I just wanted to be in bed, watching whatever pops up on my social feed. I am, however, trying to reinvigorate myself.

Drinking cappuccino

Listening to I Like Me Better by Lauv + Havadan Sudan by Ebru Yaşar

Eating potatoes

Reevaluating old friendships and reminiscing over their termination

Hiding behind locked blog posts

Reading here and there and everywhere

Crushing on Bri Guy from Youtube

Wearing a maroon dress

Experiencing A LOT of “fail” days

Feeling exceptionally frustrated over the situation of our job market

Also feeling nostalgic

Fangirling over the pink hues in the skies

Loving the gradual drop of weather

Fearing making any decisions

Eagerly waiting for fall

Three seasons

A familiar waft of fragrance suffused,

Stairwells abandoned and broken;

My system to detect it almost refused,

Or at least, grant its access a token.


I counted the previous seasons trine,

Nine months we have not spoken,

Lord knows I haven’t ceased trying,

Our friendship I have not forgotten.


Yet when this comforting scent arose,

My swollen heart was hence forsaken,

Woefully, the fond memories and prose,

Windy gusts of December have taken.


Pardon my eyes’ unwelcoming gaze,

My worth and pride have now awoken,

The days set your debris and dregs ablaze,

I dismiss you excused and I am not mistaken.

Reading nook tour!

Last night, I managed to completely revamp my reading nook. The salmon armchair and makeshift crates-turned-into-bookcase was too colorful than I had intended. For starters, the couch was too big for the space (yet comfortable and reading-friendly), and its color didn’t match my theme.


Here’s the before:

After browsing IKEA’s website for a few hours, I started creating a mental mood board on how I wanted my reading nook/media slug to look like. That furniture store fits my Scandinavian room vibes.


Here’s the after:

The first thing I needed to do was add a rug to the small space, as rugs are great at sectioning off areas. This black-and-white sketch-looking patterned rug fitted my muted-colored theme.


Now every piece of furniture and decor is placed within the perimeters of the reading nook.

The second step was finding a smaller chair, and this armchair was the perfect pick. It came in different chair pad colors as well as different wood finishings. I opted for the dark brown wood as it looked more expensive than the pine or black options.


Next to the chair, I put two black stools: one as an end table for my books and drinks, and one for the typewriter. Next to the typewriter, I placed a black step ladder to carry my vinyl player, plant, and other bits and bobs.


The floor lamp was somewhat short in height, so I put the lamp on top of a wood log to make it appear longer. Then comes the vary narrow, white ladder bookcase. I’ve stored the books both vertically and horizontally, and some I had to squeeze in behind.

The window sill had a minor issue that bugged me, which was the horrible finishing. The sill surface for some reason was dirty and had some glue residue (despite the fact that the room was built a year ago). I covered the sill with a thick pine slate, trimmed to size.

I am not sure how practical this new space would be for writing or reading, but I managed to complete reading a book last night. The nook is beautiful at day and at night, and I couldn’t be any happier.

And this wraps up the reading nook tour. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will list everything down.




A voyage to the unknown

These inhabitants take their pity,

Upon slow-walkers treading to and fro,

As if the voyage was rather easy,

Too apparent a path you cannot forgo.


Yet blear-eyed as theirs agonize,

Muddled lads and lasses as we,

A hefty burden from the unwise,

Seizes our future from its glee.


I’ve survived twenty-four summers,

But, alas, with a ring-less finger,

And no child drooling under covers,

Yet, you urge my doubts to linger.


Thus, dwellers sympathize ofttimes,

As they gaze aloft toward “commoners”

Thinking they’ve assembled the signs,

Whereon the route is overt for others.


Come then, follow the steps to my sea,

Where mishaps and calamities assemble,

And no stone nor trophy husband is key,

For your path to be deemed successful.