Blogger’s Challenge

Blogger’s Challenge was something I first started in 2013 and eventually stopped it within a year. I even took down all of the posts; why? I have no idea. But I decided to bring it back. Below is the exact same explanation I had on my blog in 2013.


To put it in a simple form, Blogger’s Challenge is a weekly challenge set by bloggers (most of the time, by me) where the writers have 7 days to complete it. Why did this concept come to life? As bloggers, we tend to have a Blogger’s Block and we don’t know what type of topic to tackle next. What’s intriguing about the emergence of such challenges is that we are growing day after day because we are being challenged to write outside of our standard ways. We start putting a lot of effort to write beyond our comfort zones, to inspire one another, and to surpass our expectations of ourselves.


I have improved a lot because of these challenges and I am not marketing my blog in anyway by stating that. The submissions of the other bloggers always amaze me! I ask for the color blue and they give me the rainbow. The way they interpret a challenge is different! Their perspectives add a lot to my world.