I started off the month by saying: I have high hopes about July, and let’s just say I still do. There was something so inspiring about July and that’s maybe because I believe in this: bad first half of the year then good last half of the year. So to me, July was always that month of resolution and seeking clarity. It’s midsummer, and my heart is full of sunshine, even when my days aren’t.

Listening to Yolla by Tarkan + Tekamül by Soner Sarıkabadayı

Drinking white mocha

Eating chicken noodles

Feeling very hopeful and blushy and empathetic

Obsessing over Seán McLoughlin

Watching PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye like there’s no tomorrow

Daydreaming about Edis Görgülü

Practicing resilience and empathy

Wearing my hair in a low, loose bun

Failing to find content for the blog as usual

Gaining weight slowly but surely

Stress-eating chips

Successfully fulfilling my July goal of not shopping

Avoiding my desk and spending my nights bedbound

Fearing how fast the days and weeks go by

Tried watching Supergirl but stopped at episode 3

Craving all the desserts in the world

Anticipating the day I land a job because I’m TIRED here


Without referring to my Currently post of last June, I can recall that I called it bittersweet and I gave it a taste of “salted caramel,” to describe it. I can say this June has been quite similar in the sense of having good days with a hint of uncertainty and boredom. Except this year, instead of drooling over ice cream cookie sandwiches, I’ve got my heart desirably craving chocolate custard-filled doughnuts.

Drinking Costa’s caramel lattes

Listening to Tebessem by Mesut Kurtis + Edhak by Humood Al Khudher

Obsessing over custard-filled doughtnuts

Feeling extremely uninspired and unproductive

Wearing a black tee tied in a knot and an Aztec-printed skirt

Eating everything, literally everything

Craving all the desserts 24/7 (the sweet tooth only peeks in Ramadan)

Watching Youtube religiously, especially drama-related content

Losing and gaining weight

Failing to properly utilize my time & tick off things from my to-do list

Starting the third bullet journal of the year

Slightly missing morning coffee

Embracing nightly adventures (usually not a fan)

Squeezing a 20-minute workout in my daily routine

Anticipating Eid festivities


It was hard to pinpoint how I felt about the month of May. Of course, as every year, whatever comes after poetry month becomes just bland, sadly; nothing can top off April. I’ve witnessed a lot of unproductive days, where I didn’t want to pick up a journal to doodle on or start a self-project of any sort. I was hit by a wave of dullness and no ounce of inspiration whatsoever. But there’s twelve more days to the month, so who knows what it has in store?

Listening to Yak by Aydın Kurtoğlu (Berk İşgören Remix) + Ma Tlam Al Ain by Hazza Al Raesi

Drinking at-home cappuccinos

Eating leftover candy from half of Shabaan festivities

Watching house tours on Youtube

Wearing my favorite fragrance mist, Japanese Cherry Blossom

Feeling extremely unproductive and dull

Reading about plants and flower characteristics

Failing to get writing inspiration for the blogs

Spending my evenings outdoors, chilling under the sun with my cats

Craving a cookie ice cream sandwich

Compiling a pre-Ramadan to-buy list

Weirdly not obsessing over anything or anyone

Fearing the weight I might end up gaining next month

Getting all my errands done and sorted, thankfully

Ticking off cafes from my to-visit list

Anticipating my muse’s return


The highly-anticipated month have sprung in its joyous of strokes against my door. April, the national month of poetry, was very promising with every passing day. It’s the month I turned 24. It’s the month I graduated officially (after being done with school one year and a half ago). But with those joys, came the bitter realization that no one bothered to congratulate me in both occasions, so I made poetry my focal point. And I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Drinking cappuccino

Listening to Tüh Tüh by Aydın Kurtoğlu & Küsme Aşka by Oğuzhan Koç

Indulging in dark chocolate

Eating tons and tons of junk food

Feeling both inspired and uninspired

Revamping my workspace

Spoiling myself by buying the things I’ve had in my dream to-buy list

Collecting scraps of paper

Participating in the national poetry month

Neglecting my blogs as a result

Considering finding new friends

Craving that one thing that God knows I’ve been wanting for a while

Wearing a flower crown

Trying to reconnect with people

Watching strangers’ proposal videos on Youtube

Looking forward to half of Shabaan + Ramadan



The beginning of March was quite a refreshing kick to the upcoming spring. It commenced with an inspiring list of goals that I was able to accomplish surprisingly too soon within the month, which made me want to do beyond the written tasks: I refurbished my desk area. I attended an event at last after avoiding any sorts of social contact. I visited a flower nursery. It was just inspiration upon inspiration. There were, of course, days that were so off and weird, and maybe it was just the dusty storms.

Drinking maple macchiato

Eating Lays chips

Listening to Weight in Gold (Ekali remix) by Gallant + Let Me Love You (DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber) / Tum Hi Ho cover mashup by Vidya Vox

Wearing a huge dusty pink shirt with gray sweats

Watching loads of journaling and studying videos

Ditching TV series and outgrowing them

Zealously inspired to write and blog (hope I don’t jinx myself)

Addicted to the spring vibes

Feeling a tiny bit upset over my wavering social skills

Reading Poems for Gardeners

Craving a visit to the new Kinokuniya

Wishing for the sudden gloomy storms to fade

Losing hope on ever landing a job

And losing people

Started Bullet Journal volume two

Quite disappointed with my sudden Twitter craze (too active this month!)

Meeting new faces

Awaiting good news of any sort



I don’t want to dub February in its entirety as a “fail” over a few hits and misses, but it’s been weird and overwhelming throughout. I got my hopes up numerously over many things only to get disappointed with reality. There’s the job opportunity I missed and other things happening the opposite of what has been planned. I lived to see the scant droplets of rain, the winds, and the slow transition of spring, so for that, I am grateful.

Drinking loads of mediocre coffees

Getting over LinkedIn and any similar platforms

Also getting over the TV series, Scandal

Listening to Mustafa Ceceli’s entire new album, especially Anmam & Leyla.

Eating alfredo pasta

Setting up my revamped vision board

Wearing all shades of gray (but what’s new)

Falling in love with wearing blush again

Smelling purple osteospermum

Freaking out over my first failure

Obsessing over visiting new places and trying new things

Failing to drink 1.5 liters of water

Also failing to reach my monthly writing goal

Feeling neutral, neither happy nor sad

Spending my time reflecting on the current and past February

Craving and anticipating the sweet smell of spring


January has been a very slow-progress month. There were days where I was too active that my step count would be 11,000, and other days where I’d be too sluggish. With the New Year starting, I find myself either on top of my task game or falling behind. Generally, there’s just no in between. It’s a confusing state, and I don’t reach out to my journals to write as usual.


Drinking short vanilla latte

Listening to Kibir by Melis Kar & Gün Ağardı by Murat Boz & Ebru Gündeş

Starting to drink coffee every other day

Eating cucumbers and carrots

Wearing a half black, half gold sequins dress

Craving a piece of cheesecake

Feeling extra emotional and weary

Freaking out about my nose acne and my weight loss

Crying with and without a reason

Obsessing over losing weight

Trying to hop back into my long-lost social life

Also trying to take a break from the only social media platform I’m on (twitter)

Watching Jess & Gabriel vlogs

Looking forward to the rain